NarrowStreet Games
Based in Brno, Czech republic

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26 March, 2015

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The entertaining interactive book for our children and yours. Makes your kids think about fair sharing and their individual needs. The beautifully animated story of the baby elephant Baboo as he adventures through an African jungle. Over 180 fun hidden animations to discover and play with, plus sounds of the jungle, song and more.



  • Sounds of the jungle and animals
  • No reading skills required, storyteller function included.
  • Comes with song, sheet music, chords for guitar and lyrics for free download
  • The finger theater: paper cutout puppets for a home puppet show for free download
  • Vibrant handmade illustrations of the jungle and animals by Rudolf Doulík
  • Questions that help children think about their feelings, emotions and the world
  • Story written by Lenka Míkovcová


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      About NarrowStreet Games

      NarrowStreet Games is an independent group of game developers with such AAA achievements in their portfolio as Silent Hill: Downpour, Mafia, Black or Hidden and Dangerous.
      The main objective is to find the narrow street (hence the name), niche if you will, between the big studios, and provide the players with games that are attractive for their non-traditional approach and ideas.
      The first title IN THE DEEP produced under the NarrowStreet Games label is available in App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from 12th June 2013.

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